Some quirks of Cloud Functions.

The python script was a relatively simple ETL job that tested my abilities to architect and debug, but it was a great experience in deploying production code under constraints. The script simply compared two Google Sheets, and updated the target page with new or updated…

Have you ever wanted to watch foreign malicious actors attack a virtual machine in real time? In this article, we will do just that with a python honeypot and Azure Monitor.

First, I need to give a shout-out to the Microsoft docs for setting up Application Insights.

Interactive charts are key to visual storytelling.

Building an infographic often starts while you are first exploring the data. Matplotlib, Seaborn, and ggplot2 are the classic programming charts, while Plotly has also exploded in popularity. But for me, nothing matches the clean professional aesthetic of Tableau. …

COVID-19 has been the greatest influence on the US labor market since the 2008 financial crisis.

Faced with a fast-spreading disease, a slew of misinformation and unclear guidance from all levels of government, the national economy contracted as businesses temporarily or permanently shut down. …

Linear regression is a data scientist’s most basic and powerful tool. Let’s take a closer look at the Least Squares Line and Correlation Coefficient.

Invention of Linear Regression

Linear regression is a form of linear algebra that was allegedly invented by Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777–1855), but was first published in a scientific paper by Adrien-Marie Legendre (1752–1833). Gauss used the least squares method to guess when and where the asteroid Ceres would appear in the night sky (The…

Elevate your mind with a modern productivity stack

Your tools are an extension of your mind

As such, they should work maximize your retention and help you realize connections and deeper meanings for your area of study. Your computer is a powerful sidekick for your brain, and its greatest strength is its ability to aid a human mind store information. …

Create a SQL database and Serve your API in the cloud!


This article is the fourth in a series dedicated to building a .NET API for the Angular Tour Of Heroes tutorial.

So far, we have:

  1. Set up our environment.
  2. Built a MSSQL Docker container database for local development.
  3. Wrote a .NET API for the Angular Tour of Heroes app.


Build a back end web server for the Angular Tour of Heroes tutorial

If you have been following along from the Series outline, and have a working database, an Angular Tour of Heroes App, and a generic .NET API, we have now come to the meat of the Series, writing the C# code for our .NET API.

To follow along, you can download…

Level up development with container databases

Lightweight, fast, and convenient

You can stop waiting for your database admin to give you access to a dev server, or sifting through the endless documentation for setting up a MS SQL database on your computer’s locked-down work environment, and get to the bare bones of what you…

An epic journey from local development to cloud deployment!

Before proceeding:

This article assumes that you have already built the Angular official tutorial — Tour of Heroes app. If you have not built this, you should check the Angular docs, or download from here. Everything else will be taken care of in this series of articles!

What we will accomplish

In this series, we will…

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